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LittleDog [27 Oct 2009|05:26pm]
Here's a video that just about summarizes the last two years of my life. And here's an article that goes along with it!

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A new career [07 Sep 2009|10:34pm]
Just thought I'd post a link to what my PhD advisor called, "the start of my acting career"! It's my three month summer internship at Willow Garage condensed into a 45 second video. Another fun clip from the summer is from the "Intern Challenge", where we had a weekend to make a robot waiter that could serve drinks to the judges (of which one was Larry Page, as we later found out!)
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Coolest captcha ever! [28 Feb 2008|04:49pm]
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(Don't) Turn it up! [25 Feb 2008|09:59pm]
As I was listening to my daily dose of music today, I came across a song I particularly liked, and I couldn't stop myself from turning the volume up. This got me thinking about why we humans (well.. atleast most of us) seem to like our music loud. I did some googling and found this very interesting read, "The Seductive (Yet Destructive) Appeal of Loud Music". Quoting from the article:

"In one study, researchers found that loud music activated those brain regions that are associated with euphoria drugs, such as cocaine. There is evidence that music elevates endorphins connected with pleasure centers in the brain."

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Phone self-repair [28 Dec 2007|08:13pm]
Here are the guts of my Nokia N80, which I took apart in an attempt to fix the on/off switch. Looks like I might even be successful -- I've ordered the spare part which was broken. Putting it back together might prove to be quite a challenge though!
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Lil' Rush [23 Aug 2007|10:03pm]
This was the best part of the Rush show which I'd been to last month:

A must-watch for Rush and South Park enthusiasts!

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Buffalo buffalo... [13 Jul 2007|01:55am]
I found this very cool, so I thought more people should know about it:

"Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo" is a grammatically correct sentence!
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Can't sleep... [09 Jul 2007|04:42am]
Every night, I can only sleep after the sun rises. I think I'm suffering from delayed sleep phase syndrome.
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My bike... [03 Jul 2007|03:50pm]
...or what's left of it!
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How to get the most caffeine for your buck [18 Apr 2007|11:47pm]
It's a well known fact that grad students must get their caffeine somehow. It's also common knowledge that grad students are usually a starving, broke lot.

In an attempt to optimize the situation, I present to you the "caffeine per buck" table:

The table...Collapse )
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Summer of 2007 [27 Mar 2007|12:12am]
Wow! This summer looks exciting! I'll get to watch Tool, Victor Wooten, The Police, Rush, Dream Theater and Symphony X!
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Daily rout(in)e [16 Mar 2007|12:57am]

My daily cycling route from home to my lab, as recorded by the Nokia Sports Tracker. Click on the image to check out the route on Google Maps.
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Random trivia of the day [11 Mar 2007|03:39am]
"Coldplay's song "Clocks" was co-written by Chris Martin, great-great grandson of daylight saving time (DST) inventor William Willett."

-- As seen here.
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Google Code Jam [28 Mar 2005|01:00pm]
Yay, my photo is on the Google Blog! (sitting row, second from left)

Got some press here too. I placed 23rd in the contest!
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Music On Repeat [11 Feb 2005|03:46pm]
There are these days when I listen to a song for the first time, and love it so much that I have to listen to it on repeat for the rest of the day.

Today's the day for "Toto - Dave's Gone Skiing". What a song!
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Happy Birthday jd_knight [08 Feb 2005|07:18pm]
Some of the gifts he got today are shown in this picture. Not shown is the pair of fake eyelashes which he refused to wear! ;-)
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Tsunami Relief Concert, Remembering Shakti [27 Jan 2005|11:57am]
Phenom will be doing a show on the 28th of January, 6:30 pm, at St Johns Amphi-theatre, along with Zebediah Plush, Galeej Gurus, and the Christ College and Mount Carmel College acoustic bands, to raise funds for Tsunami relief work.

Tickets are priced at Rs. 100, and are available at Casa Piccola (Residency Road), Music World, Landmark, Crossword and Coffee Day Xpress outlets. Be there if you enjoy some good rock or acoustic music, or just if you want to help the cause. Thanks!

Meanwhile, we released a few more of our songs - Resurgence and CAP 5101. Get them here!

I watched Remember Shakti yesterday at Palace Grounds, and man, I was blown away, again! The last time I experienced something similar was here. Similar observations - these guys (and Carnatic music in general) have amazing rhythmic patterns and phrasing! All the instrumentalists were absolutely brilliant, and so was Shankar Mahadevan - he certainly added value to the performance. Listening to Indian classical melodies backed by John Mclaughlin's jazz chords was an out-of-this-world experience. I felt the lack of a bass guitarist or a keyboardist to fill up the sound, but that was only when Zakir Hussain was playing the snare and the bass drum, not when he played the tabla.
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Gaurav's new site [17 Jan 2005|08:15pm]
After years of being surrounded by geeks... Phenom's bassist Gaurav finally has his own website!
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Merry Christmas! [24 Dec 2004|05:54pm]

Hmm.. this journal has been gathering dust lately.

Phenom just released one of it's songs - A Little Step, a song about peace and harmony, in the spirit of Christmas! Enjoy, and feel free to spread it around, it's licensed under a Creative Commons license.

Comments would be welcome!
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Thoughts.. [06 Jun 2004|03:01pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

It's certainly not a happy feeling to "be done with college".

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